The abortion debate

The Irish Times – Monday, March 4, 2013

Sir, – With public sector workers facing significant reductions in their pay and conditions, can I ask why representatives of Ictu, Siptu and Unite are writing to your newspaper not to protest at these cuts, but instead calling for legislation on abortion (March 1st).
It is little wonder that the Government got such a good deal when trade unions seem to be spending their time worrying about political issues which have nothing to do with them. – Yours, etc,
Mount Tallant Avenue,
Harold’s Cross,
Dublin 6W.
Sir, – In their letter calling for the introduction of what they call “X legislation”, the representatives of several trade unions and pro-choice groups say that any such legislation “must include….provision for abortion if a foetus has a fatal abnormality and cannot survive”.
In fact, any such law would be outside the judgment in the X case and would require a referendum. I find it difficult to believe that the signatories are not aware of this fact.
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