An unwanted pregnancy is a frequent occurrence in the life of a woman which comes by surprise and catches one off guard. Abortion as one solution for this situation has always been used, although attitudes to it have varied over the centuries. Sometimes it was permissible before ‘quickening’ (before the woman could feel the baby moving). At other times it has been treated as murder, or as a crime against the husband.
Most industrialized countries introduced harsh laws against abortion in the mid 1800s. But women continued to seek abortions from ‘backyard’ abortionists, or they tried to bring on a miscarriage themselves, and the death rate from such abortions was high.

They also used emmenagogues. These ‘women’s medicines’ were meant to bring on menstruation. In the early 1900s many brands, were advertised as being capable of ‘removing obstructions’ and ‘preventing irregularities’. Around the 1960s and 70s the laws were relaxed and in most European countries. The first countries do to so were the UK, The Netherlands and Switzerland. Immediately women from all over Europe started travelling to those countries for an abortion. The need for this ‘abortion tourism’ decreased dramatically as most other European countries also liberalized their abortion laws. Currently, only women from Ireland, Poland, and Malta are still forced to travel to another country to access an legal and therefore safe abortion. This site provides the necessary information for women in Ireland to do so in a safe way. It contains all medical information about an abortion as well as addresses of doctors or clinics specialized in performing safe abortion all over Wester- Europe.

This site is a not for profit initiative intended to help women in a difficult situation in their life. It provides information for those women who consider an abortion as a solution for their unwanted pregnancy.

Christian Fiala, MD, PhD
Vienna, Austria
email: info@abortioninireland.org